Outsourced investment management

From timely asset allocation and manager decisions, to professional advice and economies of scale, OCIO brings efficiencies that you simply can’t achieve on your own. We offer full outsourced investment management services offering access to managed portfolio service (MPS) and discretionary bespoke portfolios.

We refer to this as a “conflict-free” business model, because there are no ancillary business lines, and no opportunity for the firm to earn additional fees as a result of its allocation decisions. We believe this model best aligns the provider’s interests with the interests of its clients.

Dedicated OCIOs vary as to the level of customization they offer. Some have a fund with a single asset mix and underlying manager lineup; some have asset class-specific funds and can therefore customize the asset mix but not the manager lineup; and some customize both the asset mix and the manager lineup.


To high-quality investment services including active portfolio management across all asset classes to ensure diversification and to manage risk.


Our service is structured to preserve and support your client/adviser relationship.


Our independent ownership means our long-term interests are closely aligned with those of our clients.

Investing isn’t easy. If you’re responsible for institutional investment decisions for a non-profit organization, a pension plan, defined contribution plan, hospital or health system, we understand the complex landscape you are navigating. We can help.

As a CEO, CFO, CIO, Trustee, Board Member, or Investment Committee member, you’ve got a lot on your plate. As is often the case when managing complexity, delegation and oversight are key. Delegating some of your current investment responsibilities to a trusted, award-winning co-fiduciary can let you re-focus on oversight and strategic decisions.