Impact investing

Which for our firm, includes socially responsible investing (SRI) and mission-related investing (MRI) — can be a powerful means to align your investments with your values. At AlphaBridge Finance, impact investing isn’t an add-on or afterthought. It’s a pillar of the firm aligned with our mission and corporate values.

Every investment can have an impact. And the best way to produce a positive impact with your investments is to invest with intention and insight.

AlphaBridge Finance counts among its clients many of the leading public and corporate pension funds, central banks, endowments, foundations, financial institutions, mutual funds, and individual investors from Europe to the Americas and the Middle East to the Pacific Basin.

We believe that a total return approach driven by credit research is the best way to generate alpha in the high yield market. We describe our investment philosophy as the “Strong Horse” philosophy. Strong Horse companies can carry their debt loads through the economic cycles. They generate strong, sustainable cash flow that enables them to de-lever their balance sheets and improve their ratings.

We have been doing sustainable investing longer than almost anyone — with over a decade of experience serving a broad range of clients that seek to align their portfolios with their social and environmental values. Our current impact practice encompasses approximately $3.5 billion committed to impact strategies. We deliver impact investing across all asset classes. Our offering is designed for individual investors, family foundations, nonprofit endowments, and family offices that seek to connect their values with their investments. Foundations and charitable trusts can add impact investing as a way to activate their endowment’s mission beyond the grant-making they traditionally perform.

As with all our work, our impact investing services begin and end with what matters most to you.