Enterprise wealth management

Supporting clients in their goal of delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time is AlphaBridge Finance’s Enterprise Wealth Management System. These systems are used by a number of clients, including those with heavy broadcasting needs like media and entertainment, broadcast news and print media organizations. The system delivers a unified brand experience to end consumers, supports in-house creative teams, provides the ability to manage content assets through a customer’s life cycle, and can be directly integrated with retail and e-commerce websites.

Taking good financial advice is always going to cost you. But when it comes to making life-changing financial decisions, it pays to get it right. That’s why we take a very personal and holistic approach to your financial planning, ensuring we deliver comprehensive advice that encompasses all aspects of your life, giving you confidence in whatever you plan for. Our Enterprise Wealth Management systems can make all the difference. We offer independent ‘whole of market’ advice giving you the best options from all financial products. Our professional advice is not restricted by any limited products or firms enabling us to give you the very best information, advice and confidence in your choices.

The interesting thing about enterprise asset management is that it’s both a concept and now the name of a class of software commonly used at utilities and facilities. A few years ago a trend started in the utility and facility industry where vendors of workorder and CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) began to refer to themselves as “Enterprise Asset Management Systems”, reflecting that the systems that create workorders and manage maintenance tasks (both planned and unplanned) rightfully should participate in the enterprise IT environment. But this has also added to a lot of confusion about how assets are really stored and managed in the enterprise IT environment at most utilities. While now called EAM systems, workorders and maintenance tasks are only part of what a utility needs to truly manage their assets.

From our experience, enterprise asset management is something that is only achievable with multiple systems at a utility that are properly integrated. After speaking with many utilities big and small, it seems like what utilities want for enterprise asset management is the use of integrated information from multiple systems to enable a utility to best manage their assets. It’s the best data from each system to describe what an asset is, how it affects others related things (customers, service levels, other assets in your network), what its condition is, maintenance history, cost to build, cost to maintain, criticality. That data should be maintained in a way that it’s created or maintained one time and then stored in the appropriate system in a way that’s transparent to users.