Crude oil investment opportunities


Buying shares of companies dealing in oil extraction may prove to be an excellent investment for the future. AlphaBridge Finance is partnered with a leading oilfield services-focused private equity firm to build an integrated digital oilfield solutions provider through acquisitions and organic re-investment. Our team has experience in launching, growing, and successfully exiting oilfield companies, as well as experience advising many of the industry’s leading companies. For detailed information, please send your inquiry at:

Remember, when you invest in an oil-producing company, you are investing in a company that specializes in extracting crude oil from the environment. We have investment and partnering platforms, including joining us as we expand our current acreage and drilling opportunities throughout the northernmost well on the Russian Arctic shelf in the Laptev Sea, investing in our efforts to buy more existing oil-producing wells, or taking advantage of our equipment and exploration services for existing oilfields. Our partners has the advanced technology, expert personnel, experience and drive to take full advantage of oil opportunities as global energy needs continue to grow throughout the 21st century.

There are also five main types of crude oil. There is Sour Crude, which contains carbon dioxide and higher hydrogen sulfide levels, and is typically made into diesel fuel. There is Light Crude, which has a low wax content, Sweet Crude, which has less than .5 percent sulfur and very small amounts of hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide, which makes it popular for gasoline processing.

Why investing in Arctic oil? Recoverable reserves at the Russian Arctic shelf in the Laptev Sea field exceed 80 million tons of oil, which is equal to around 586.4 million barrels. Geological data point to reserves at the field at 298 million tons of oil, or some 2.184 billion barrels, and the oil is high quality—light and low-sulfur.

We can tell you much more about how you can benefit from partnering with AlphaBridge Finance for building your investment portfolio. We look forward to talking about future involvement in natural gas and oil exploration and extraction operations.